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Nissan Versa, Versa Note Under Safety Probe

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The 2012-2014 Nissan Versa and Versa Note models are under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Approximately 360,000 vehicles are under investigation after NHTSA received consumer complaints of pedal operation interference. The complaints claim that the interference occurs between the tunnel carpet cover trim panel and the driver’s right shoe when attempting to release the accelerator pedal. Two of the four complaints noted that the vehicles were rental cars. No reports of crashes, injuries or fatalities have been listed.

The agency has opened a “preliminary investigation” into the issue and Nissan has responded that it is fully cooperating with the investigation.

“One complainant alleges that their foot was trapped by the trim panel such that they had to use their right hand to grab their leg and pull up to get their foot free, almost causing a crash during the event,” NHTSA said in its summary of the probe. “The trim panel in question is located next to the accelerator pedal and the lower corner is positioned such that it is near the right outer edge of the driver’s shoe.”
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