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it is best to do the home work and visit different dealers and go online and sometimes you find the car you want online and don't sign that contract until you know it is the best deal. and if you can pay cash for the car, even better because as the saying goes Money Talks! if they say no, walk away and because they have your contact info, they will call you back sooner or later as long as you're asking for a reasonable deal of course

Things that I like about my Versa
1. Motor runs good and gets good MPG
2. Tranny don't leak or slips and 6 speed manual shifts good
3. Cold air and heat works
4. sigarette adapter works
5. keyless entry
6. water doesn't get inside the car, so no wierd smells or anything
7. Love the seats!!!
8. Love the extra room for a little car
9. I like the hatch, I had 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, but never had a hatch.
10. ohh....I like that small triangle window by the windshield :shrug:
11. takes me from point A to point B :woot:
12. power windows and locks
13. electric mirrors
14. no leaks or over heating

The problems that I had with my nissan are
1. TPMS light stay on
2. AC compressor cycling too much, not sure if its normal or not but it works and that's all what matters to me. one day I will take it to a shop and have the freon checked
3. something got inside my AC fan and when I turn the AC on, the blades are making a funky rattle. it could be a bug inside or maybe I need a whole new fan, hope not!

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Don't worry the prices will really go up if UAW gets their way. The UAW is targeting Nissan USA for organizing its workers. Considering how much union workers HAVE to get paid to cover mandatory things such as dues, retirement, insurance (through the union) and other misc things you can gaurentee the cost of Nissan's will dramatically go up. Hopefully the workers will do what they have done in the past and tell the Unions to pound sand.
maybe that's why the Versa and other nissan models are built in Mexico to lower hourly labor cost. not 100% if they have unions down there.

lets not forget China. everything is built there for the same reason. low labor cost
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