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It's a long story, but I was in the middle of nowhere and my ignition locked up. I couldn't turn my key to start the engine. Giggle the key, giggle the steering wheel, nothing worked. I called for a tow truck. Nearest one was 80 miles away and wanted $650.00 plus mileage. I called the stealership, and they said $1,175.00 for the new ignition and labor. An easy $2k for tow truck and repair service. I'm sitting there with $950 in my account and need transportation. YouTube usually does me good - but not this time. The only video I could find said to hammer a slotted screwdriver into the keyhole and turn it and it will start. NOPE! Now the key won't fit! Urgh! I searched the internet for how to hotwire a Versa. Nothing came up. I was in the middle of nowhere, it was getting late and I had important appointments I had to make. I wanted to try to hotwire it. I couldn't get to the wiring with all of the plastic near, on and around the steering column. I really got frustrated!!! I got my reciprocating saw an cut most of the plastic away from the steering column and the dash nearby. I will say that the sawzall cut my OBD off. There's a bunch of cut wires down there right now. I'll eventually splice the OBD back on. I found the wires going to the key cylinder and unplugged them. I cut the plug off. I figured that these had to be the wires had to be put together to hotwire my car! Unfortunately, none of my lights work - headlights or taillights. Blinkers work outside, but not on the dashboard. Brake lights work too! Hazards work outside, but nothing on the dashboard. If I pull the light shaft back, my high beams do come on. I still had to get the old key cylinder off to unlock the steering wheel. Small pry bar = done! Accidentally touched the big pink (12v) wire to the steering column and blew something. No more 12 volts. I ran a new constant 12v from the fuse box to the set and could still hotwire and drive my car. I ordered a new key cylinder ignition switch with keys. I'm having trouble getting it lined up, so basically just spliced the plug back on with butt connectors and my new key cylinder is dangling from the steering column, and it starts my car. The big pink wire still doesn't have 12v, but the jumper wire is butt connected to it. Although I have blinkers and hazards outside, I have no proof inside, and if I pull the light shaft back, I have high beams, but no low beams or taillights. I do have brake lights. I checked all of the fuses in all 3 places. I'm 99.99% sure all the fuses are good. I don't know about relays or anything else. Is there a relay for headlights and taillights? Why do my blinkers work outside, but not in the dash? Everything else in the dash works.
I'm still a poor boy, but I'll send a little PayPal to anyone who can nail this for me! Think... Although I looked and didn't see any others, could I have cut other wires? Are there relays or whatever that would make lowbeams and taillights go out? I didn't put the OBD plug back on yet, but plan to. Could that be the problem? HELP!!! PLEASE!!! THANKS!!!
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