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2015 Versa sedan
96,000 miles

I am getting a noise when I break with any pressure to speak of. Hard braking sounds like metal-on-metal. Lite braking produces no noise. I've checked the brakes on each corner and the pads and shoes are good. At about 20,000 miles this happened and the dealer worked on it. Twice. They said a bolt was hitting the back plate on the front left corner. After their work the noise was better but never completely went away and has slowly gotten worse.

I'm not a mechanic, but I'm familiar with brakes - I replaced my first brakes 50 years ago and have always replaced my own pads/shoes. But this has me baffled.


Hi. I have a 2016 Nissan Versa Note. Have had for 5 years. My brakes went out twice April and May 2020, 21?, scary! Once with a neighbor in the car and once with my grandson. Thank God no one was hurt. Called myself having it repaired Affordable Auto Winchester Rd Memphis, Tn. DON'T GO THERE! I was charged almost $900.00 total, having to return there Several times! And guess what, it still isn't right! So I took it to Landers Nissan in Mississippi. They said Affordable had left off a part, cost me close to $300.00! But do you know what, these brakes still are Not up to par! That's a shame!! Sometimes a metal on metal sound. That was supposed to have been replaced?! Where are honest Christian workers?? ..I am a cautious driver, driving slower now. Presently, I cannot afford to get them repaired again! Took most of the Stimulus check money received, and Still not right! I wonder does Nissan have a brake problem??? Now don't get me wrong, I love my little car, but this is SERIOUS! Unfortunately, I only receive Social Security. If I could, I'd trade it in but I wouldn't get the same note. Can't handle those huge notes they have now. ... People preying on senior citizens with car repairs, etc., Shame, SHAME on YOU!
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