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Noise while braking!! 2012 versa hatchback

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Hi All,

For the last few months My 2012 Versa (hatchback) has been making this sound while braking. I have taken it to the dealer and they said it's my front rotors and they needed to be turned. Had it done and the noise continued. Took it to another mechanic for a second opinion and he said that the sounded like the rotors were warped. so I had him replace both rotors and pads. noised continues to happen. took it back and now he says the sound is from the back. Took it to another mechanic and he cleaned and adjusted and turned the drums and said pads have 50% padding on them. But the sound is still Freakin happening!!!!! He said my brakes are FINE!!!! Then what is the Freakin Noise coming from???? It happens when applying the brakes its almost like a rubbing, winding down sound. Only happens when applying the brakes and it does sound like coming from the front or back.. Dang IDK. Front rotors and pads are brand new so it has to be from the back?
I am so so frustrated by this whole thing and don't know what to do.. dealers said brakes are fine. Has anyone else had this problem with the versa hatchback?
PLease someone help me. Give me some advice
Fustrated and confused
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Did they check the brake lines, or the emergency brake cable? There's also the possibility that it has nothing to do with the brakes lol. Either way best of luck.
Frozen calipers can apply uneven pressure, resulting in vibrations, and causing rotors to warp.

A bad wheel bearing may only exhibit a problem under heavey load, though I would have expected that to worsen over a couple months. The same with CV joints.

If cheap, or really fancy, brake pads are used, you can get noises from them. especially if shims weren't installed with the pads to take up the slack in the housing.
In addition to what has already been recommended by other posters, sometimes a combination of certain brake pads and rotors can create a high pitched sound when the brakes are applied. If you go to one of the the the auto supply stores, they carry as spray that is applied to the back of the brake pads that will sometimes cure that high pitched sound that sometimes comes from the breaks. Good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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