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Noisy Windshield ?

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This is driving me nuts. My windshield (2010 Versa hatch) makes a creaking or crackling noise, usually when there is a temperature change, like when going out in the sun from a garage.
Has anybody here ever heard of this ?
The windshield is not cracked or loose.

Any help ? Thank you.
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Hi! Are you sure its the windshield making the sound? Maybe its just the dashboard (plastics).
It's the dashboard, mine does the same, it's driving me insane also. Just turn on your radio, I guess.
Lately, my passenger right air vent has a lil noise, not sure if the vent or the crap my dad puts in the door pocket and glove box....
my windshield has made creaking noises. I've heard the same sound in our Mazda before, so I know it's not the interior pieces.
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