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I got my car back to day. While walking out towards my car, I noticed a versa with a different rear bumper, differemt color amd seems a little lower from stock.

I go back to the dealers to get my rear view mirror that I forgot in the rental and asked the guy who serviced my car," did you guys get new versas?" And his reponse was, "Yep, the 2015 models, wanna see?"
So I remember not liking the headlights from a post here on the forums, and I gotta say, I like them.

What they told me is that it's still hasthe 1.6 hrde engines still.
Has a redesigned interior, same gauge cluster as the versa sv,sl sedans. But the versa I saw the sv model.
You are referring to the sedan model correct?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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