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so, today I decided to go in and get my versa service.

im waiting and I see the guy who took my info and car to do what they do.

I thought they have finished my car early, but found out that one of the shop workers tried to "HEMAN" my car by lifting it? I'm still not clear on how he did it, but i guess he tried to life my car up, without a floor jack, and just ended up damaging my driver side fender.

when he had mentioned "damaged_______" I thought of my front bumper. because last weeks meet with mrpanda87, note-ified and his friends, I was heading to pick up my girlfriend from work, and a damn tire was in the middle of the freeway, but by the time I saw it, my bumper took some damage. but it's okay nothing serious.

so, I'm taking my versa to the dealers on monday, dropping it off, getting a rental, and being versa-less for a week possibly. without me paying a dime


shop worker fucked up, I'm getting a rental

damn dude thats sucks, hopefully they get everything patched up and back to normal quickly though as i know how it can feel not having your own car to drive around for a week
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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