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Tip for all the 2014+ Versa Note Hatchback owners:

To remove/replace the rear wiper blade off the arm, you indeed need to rotate the blade away from you, towards the passenger side. Though there is not enough clearance when the wiper arm is installed to allow the peg to 'unclip' off the arm.

Save yourself some time, gently remove the cap at the base of the arm, take a 10mm socket, remove the bolt. Then gently remove the entire rear wiper arm. Rotate the wiper blade away from the wiper arm assembly as usual.

You will find that the wiper blade falls off easily at an angle that is not able to be achieved when the arm is installed against the window hatch. When you resintall, you simply need to make sure the wiper arm is parallel to the ground/bottom of the window as before before tightening the bolt.

You can see it being done on this Nissan Cube: Though, you really shouldn't need a bearing puller to remove the arm off the stem. You just need to apply counter pressure to the spring as you pull the arm up away from the stem.
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