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NST lightweight pulley

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so do any of you plan on getting this?
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yep, but it may be about a year away.
How long have you had it on now? What is your personal review? Improvements? Installation, process? Benefit?

Just curious
there arent any hard numbers out just yet, still waiting to hit the dyno... 1 thing is certain it doesnt cause any power loss....
i would like to see the numbers but im interested. probably gonna buy and hold on to it for a while freaking anything i do to my V at all voids some rediculously inclusive warrantee.
I agree. I'm not going to touch the engine that much especially under warranty. I'm mainly working on my suspension right now.
i want it, ill be getting it... but its a money factor... fml
hey greg, how about I buy one for you and you give back the amp and sub? sound like a deal?
oh and i am still waiting on the dyno, i might just use Bob's iphone app just to get a rough estimate...
that doesn't sound like a bad idea actually, id be down for that
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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