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My goal is cheap, reliable, transportation from A-B without feeling like I'm shrinkwrapped. I need decent gas mileage. I have an 82mi. round trip daily commute. I know versa hatch isn't as good as sedan or some of the other competitors but it seems like more car and power for the money than some of the others.

I looked at just about all of them except for KIA.

I have a family member who works at a nissan dealership so the price is hard to beat and I sorta like the looks of the versa. Sporty without losing interior space or being impractical. I could find better in one or two categories but never without sacrificing something in another category, Versa seems pretty well rounded.

Only thing I could find that beat it in price was the Chevy spark and I don't care too much to buy a GM branded Daewoo and its very small overall.

I get my insurance check mon. so it looks like I will be signing all the paperwork then and picking the car up Mon or Tues.

I would like to hear more about what kind of mpg people are getting who drive the 6M for maximum fuel economy and not for sport. Like to know more about performance and fuel mileage programmers/chips and effect on warranty.

I plan to pass this car to my son as he turns 15 in 5 years. I think it makes a nice, safe, sporty (but not too much power for a beginner) type car that he can learn to drive in without breaking the bank.

As for personalization, the car is Alert Red w/charcoal interior. I think a flat black, metallic silver or gloss white single racing stripe up the hood and over roof down the back hatch would look cool. Will be looking for some pics of anyone who has one of these combos. Maybe some black, 6 spoke 15X7 alloy rims with red accent stripe. A rear diffuser maybe. Tint the windows. Any exterior mods will be done with improving fuel economy and stability in mind. All of this will be probably a year o so down the road as I have too many projects right now.

Interior: Some red/black seat covers with trim to match the color of racing stripe, a center armrest, and maybe a dashboard cover to dampen sound and get rid of the look of all that hard plastic. Will need some good floor mats and would appreciate some advice on what fits best and is cheapest.

Will keep the engine and exhaust pretty much stock. Might go with a better washable air filter as I drive a gravel/dirt road everyday for 2 mi.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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