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o snap lmao 12k hids

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on sell right now high and low and fog lights all for 118.80 thats with shiping

i have just the headlights in working on fogs maybe friday or sat. but head lights are bright but the brights are not lmao idk but great looking

now this is what i see driving

now with the brights on lol bad looking

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and there are no fog lights on it the pics thats how bright it is coming up on some one some guy gave me the finger lmao
tell me about it lol ;p
I never knew 12000k was that bright... I went w/ 6000k cuz that's what I always go with
its 12k 55watts slim and man thanks for the call i went by slow joes and picked up one
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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