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Why is the HR16 header that OBX currently offers a true 4-2-1 header whereas the MR headers are merely optimized stock headers? I noticed the bolt patterns are the same, so if the runners are the same diameters i'd rather take an HR16 header to put on my MR.

Product Name - OBX Racing Sports

The runners are way longer. The only thing i have a problem with is the placement of the (true) O2 sensor in one single runner.

nice to know they produce one for the HR16, but personally i wouldnt buy anything from OBX as they are known to have some quality issues with alot of their stuff...when i had an altima and i was on those forums someone on there purchased a set of OBX headers and not to long after alot of the welds started coming apart on them and he could not get them to replace them. not sure if that is still the case, but as for me i intend to stay away from them.
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