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OBX Headers

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ok so i bought the OBX headers off of ebay... im really hoping they have a good fit to them... im not sure when i will be able to install them... i need to get under the car to see how much room there actually is... ill keep you guys updated...
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Awesome! Take lots of pictures and let me know if it throws a check engine light.

i missed the UPS guy yesterday, but luckily i caught him today... im going to try and install them this sunday....
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after long discussions between me and an advisor, we decided to use the stock cats, with the after market headers... so this ment cutting and welding flanges... it all worked out pretty good...
How long did it take you to install the headers and do you notice any improvement over stock?
What was the cost for the header and install?

P.S. The header looks great!
its been installed since yesterday... i had them cut the flange off of the stock pipe where the cats start, and then weld the flange from the tube that came with the headers... i need to go back and have another hanger welded on... it vibrates like crazy when i take off from a dead stop.... oh yeah i had them cut out the resonator too...
when are you going to post pics of the installed headers?
Those headers are gorgeous! Ah I so want me some....shame freight to Australia is like the cost of the headers all over again :(
Looks good!
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