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OEM Alarm Impact Sensor

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I finally found the OEM alarm impact sensor online. It's off Works on 2007-2010 Versa SL models with the security system. Horn sounds for 30 seconds when impacted. Price is $60.00. Plan to get it when I get paid. Need to beef up my security.

Part # 999M2-VU002
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You should just get a Viper alarm system or something. I don't think that OEM car alarms are that good.

But I am not 100% sure. I have the alarm cause I have an SL but it hasn't ever gone off. Even if we shake the hell out of the car. Maybe it just goes off if a window breaks (what it looks like from the diagram).
I have the stock alarm and it's fine, don't need to get an aftermarket one. This just enhances it so if you shake, impact, break window, the alarm goes off. My old Honda had the viper alarm and it worked great. I prefer the stock one because it was meant for the car.

The stock alarm only goes off if somebody opens any of the doors.
If you enter 'freeship' in the discount coupon code, you get a free 2nd day ship.
Just placed an order, free shipping on 2nd day air!
So this alarm sensor makes it so if you shake it and all that good stuff it goes off?
The sensor has a microphone. Basically, it detects any vibrations, small shakes, impacts on the body and glass breakage. Sensitivity can be altered with the turn of the knob.

What it doesn't prevent is from jacking up a car, trying to tow it or inclination.

This Viper accessory is to prevent somebody from stealing the car using a tow truck or the wheels.
I spent 3 years installing car alarms.....I would have gone for a glass break sensor, or wait, is this what it is? Here an impact sensor is different to glass break.....
This sensor include glass breakage...
Works on 2008+ SL models with the factory alarm.

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I wish we could get an alarm on our Versa's from the factory :(
I wish we could get an alarm on our Versa's from the factory :(
do you have keyless entry if so then you just need to add this module to the system.
Ya I have keyless entry.

How much would that cost? Could I install it myself?
I just don't want to install anything that could potentially void the warranty. It would have been so much easier if it came on the V from the factory.
I have an S model, so no alarm. But I bought the omega excalibur 1820 2-way security system. It comes with the impact sensor, LCD remote, and remote start. I love the remote start!!
Remote start is an awesome feature to have, makes it convienient to warm up the car when it's cold outside

Unfortunately it's not an included factory feature, maybe the 2012+ Versa will have that option
I want to install a shock / impact sensor add on to my factory oem alarm.

Was it difficult to install this part?

Did it come with instructions?

Thanks in advance!

Works on 2008+ SL models with the factory alarm.

They came with instructions, I didn't install it just brought into dealer and they did it. Don't remember the costs but it's worth the upgrade IMO.
So just to be clear, this wont work with any S models? Including the 2011 hatchback? I ask because I have keyless entry and this panic button. But I dont seem to notice any kind of actual alarm system.
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