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Oil Filter changed from topside?

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First Oil change for me and the Versa.

Everything I've seen shows the filter removal done from the bottom side.
It always involve removing the 4 bolts retaining the engine undercover.
I didn't want to modify or remove this undercover.

So I simply pulled the coolant reservoir tank up and out of the way.
The reservoir is not bolted but held in place by a small top left tab released
by pushing it back and lifting the reservoir straight up. This allowed easy
access to the oil filter from the engine compartment.

Anybody else tried getting to the filter this way?
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I did my oil change today, I just removed 4 clips and 4 10mm bolts to take off the cover, a little more time, but better than having oil pool up. Oh and filled with Castrol Syntec and Fram 7317 filter :)
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Anything is better than the made in china "genuine" nissan filter.
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