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Hi all.
I have nissan tiida 2008 now it is 250000 km. I noticed some oil around engine oil cap and oil gauge. When i opened the cap, strong airflow comes out without somke.
My question is, all symptomes mentioned related to pcv valve ?

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Typically a bad, stuck open or clogged pcv causes performance issues.The pressure from the engine with oil cap off is blow by. This means the engine is wearing out. If the car is really worn or cold you are likely to see white or blue smoke.

Replacing the pcv valve couldnt hurt, but most you can check by shaking it to see if its rattles or trying to suck or blow through it. It should acts like a check valve allowing air to flow in one direction only. If it allows air to flow in both or none it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The crankcase breather hose takes the surplus engine fumes and routes them into the intake before the throttle plates. On older cars they vent this to the atmosphere.
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