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Oil Residue on Engine Cover

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I have a 2007 SL hatchback with 50k miles on it. I noticed this past weekend that there was some oily residue inside the left screw (the one closest to the oil cap) that holds the plastic engine cover over the engine. Is this normal? the right screw is clean and I was just wondering if others have noticed this while cleaning the engine.
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Only in that particular spot? Oil spreads over anything lol. Clean it off, drive around, and if it comes back could be a leak, hopefully not. I'm thinking it could be from spilled oil from an oil change. I completely removed mine :)
if it's just the hole that holds the plastic cover on it must be a drip from adding oil. If its on the aluminum valve cover itself then that is a valve cover gasket leaking. Which is no big deal either. I wouldn't even address it if it was unless you are noticing alot of oil loss. Just wait until it's time to change the spark plugs and do it then.
Thank you APLPIX AND ROB. the residue is only on the screw on that part of the engine. I always use a funnel when adding oil so I don't think its a spill. Also, there are no oil spots under the car and there is very little oil loss per month. Thank you for your input in this.
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