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Old Dominion University's 3rd Annual Car Show!

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Now that I have a new car, a new forum, and new people to meet, I thought I'd throw this out there!

When: March 31st 2012
Where: WHRO Parking Lot, 5200 Hampton Blvd. Norfolk VA
What: ODU's third annual car show!

Entry is $1, all money will be donated to CHKD (a childrens hospital, can't remember the name)

Donate as much as you want, tons of activities/food/raffles! and there will be a competition of the people's choice. Three cars will be nominated, one will win! I believe it may even be half of the money made that day!

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nice I need to get into another show (hope my new lip spoiler is in) you going to be in?
Oh i'll be there for sure! I doubt my versa will be anything ready for a show, but i'll be there since I am a member of the car club!
oh yeah thats cool you should put it in with me
yeah buddy, if we can get a few of us around the area that'd be great!
I would love to go would be my first car show with my car. Always go with randy and his silly sentra but I would love to get my car in one. I might go if I can make it back from Georgia early enough on Sunday...considering I have to drive right through here.
I will hopfully be in this gotta show what can be done with a Versa hope we can get more to bo in the show
I might try to make it out. Going tomorrow to get my bumper painted touched up.
Did not know odu had a car show, I have alot of friends that went there, and lived down the road from it off of little creek.
well Im going to start cleaning the car up who alls going hope to see some other versas out there with me. :D :thumb2:
It never fails, always something. I won't be able to make it due to lack of gas. Post pics!
I didn't end up going cause of it raining all morning sucks cause this was the first show of the year.
No worries, there will be others.
I am is the 31st.....totally thought it was tomorrow. :(
It was a great show guys. I took a bunch of pictures, and once I get a chance I'll upload them. Unfortunately I was the only Versa there!

There was light drizzles on and off, but definitely not enough to stop the show. there were about 120+ cars there. All very unique!
I so wish I could have gone but just want able to :( but there will be more anyone going to spring fest in va beach theres another thread on here somewhere for it, it in may.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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