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Oly WA

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Hey... Any modders live close to Olympia? If so, you should hit me up and show off our cars. Mind you, mine is pretty much stock for now, but always looking for great ideas.
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I'm close, and was wondering...

Is there any car meets near or around Olympia, WA? I go down to Lacey, WA quite a bit and was curious. I have a 14 Nissan Versa Note S, and just did a few things so far. Was wanting a car meet place to hang and talk about cars.
Both the the Juke and the Versa have the same 1.6L engine however the juke engine makes almost 100 more horsepower thanks to I guess the turbo on the Juke can you put a turbo from a juke on the versa engine??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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