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One hot engine.

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I had to drop my daughter off at the babysitters yesterday, and I left the car running in the driveway. It sat for maybe 10 minutes, no A/C or anything special, just idling. Well, when i got back in and pulled away, I noticed the red idiot "Hot" light was on. I pulled over and sat for about 10 minutes then restarted the car. Still on. Decided to turn around and limp home, but about halfway there the light went off. Drove maybe 8 more miles throughout the day with no problems.

The temp was maybe 75F with a decent amount of humidity, but the weather should totally have not been a factor here. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I have a service scheduled for the morning and some extra info other than my "I have no clue" would help. Thanks!
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Were your fans running when the car overheated? I'm betting they weren't. If I were you I would check the coolant level first. Then let the car idle and see if the fans turn on. Unless your under warranty then just bring to the dealer.

At what temp does the hot light come on?
You know, I don't recollect hearing the fan come on. I'm too lazy to go check the coolant and the fan right now, I'll have to look in a little bit.
Id invest in getting a scangauge to keep an eye on the temps. I plan on buying one. See where the water temp is and go from there. My fans on my 200sx come on at 212* and go off at 203*.
I second that motion on getting a scangauge. Just waiting for them to come down in price a bit.
check out the fans, and see if they are working. when you were driving the outside air was probably cooling it, thats why the light turned off. that happend in my sisters cheap cherokee (sp).
Well, just got my baby back from the shop. Apparently I have a fan who's a tinkerer. Someone took the radiator fan fuse out hoping to overheat my engine. It's not an ordinary fuse, it's something called a fuse-link and cost 48.50 to replace. $14 on the labor. Throw tax and other adjustments on and total was $72.74.

Repair order reads as follows:

5305 Found vehicle overheating while idling/ .5/8165 On inspection found vehicle would not overheat in motion. Found cooling fan not turning on. Found 50amp fuse missing for the cooling fan circuit. Installed new fuse found vehicles cooling system operating normal after repair.

I'm gonna be hot for a few days on this one. :26:
Scangauge would not have picked it up because there was no codes. which brings me to another question. How come no CEL with that removed? Or when I overheated?
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