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OneGoldfish: 2010 Versa S

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Decided to finally take the car out for a few photos, hadnt done one of the new interior paint! haha Here's my Versa currently, all work done by myself. getting new rims soon! :thumb2: need to give my V a wax too haha

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some older pics of my Green Machine i just came across haha about half a year ago or so

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Looks good. What kind of wheels are those?
and theyre stock steelies haha just painted em satin black! actually getting 18" enkies tomorrow possibly, so we'll see how that plays out!
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Got the enkies in no where near the condition as described, however im working with the guy in getting them repaired for me for free. apparently he got connects, so we'll see how it plays out lol probably gonna have these rims hanging around for awhile though as i wait to have the money for tires haha
Interested in how you painted the trim work. (IE) what materials did you use and how is it holding up?
it was actually quite simple, although i definitely could have sprayed a little bit lighter of layers. i sanded lightly with some rough sandpaper i had laying around, and for the white i used some rustoleum paint+primer spraypaint. did around 7 layers of that, before doing the green on top with some regular rustoleum gloss green. did another 5 or 6 layers of that, and then sprayed like 4 clear matte coats on top to even out the gloss and layers. its holding up perfectly so far (door pieces too) and looks great night and day.

and freddy. #74 3led bulb. just gotta add a little solder to the contacts for it to stay in. i put in just a lil more than necessary so that once it was jammed in, it wouldnt pop out from a bump haha
got new rims!! :D

Enkei J10s! With Nitro Motivo 225 40 ZR18XL
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been awhile since i posted photos here! ive done a bunch of mods in the meantime, but today i added halo projectors! was so stoked to install them. heres the pics!

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Yessirs, the roof is plastidipped, although I think I am going to take it off and replace it with a gloss black vinyl wrap to give it a better flow from the windshield to the back.

And i got the lights from a chinese company called Hiestar, theyre listed as Versa but they are definitely meant for the tiida bumper, which is curved slightly different. Overall, still fits almost perfect!

and here are the headlights-on shots!

my fog lights are a little off on the right you can see haha
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Painted the side skirts this past weekend! Adds more to the low-effect my Tein springs are already giving haha

2013-10-06 15.10.14 HDR by OneGoldfishh, on Flickr
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Hahah thanks Vamp. Its all wired up to the door supervision wire (same one that controls the interior roof lamp). I used 1 5050 smd led in each location since theyre so small and the wires nicely flexible. I think there is a tutorial on it awhile back, although i dont think it covered the physical laying of the wires though. Lemme know if you want any advice

and as i look at it more and more, its looking quite likely. That way I can plastidip it white as well. I always wanted a new front bumper entirely, but i may just stay stock and either add a versa lip, or mod another car lip and merge it on.
so you only used 1 led in each door handle? did you just glue it there or how did you go about that? and how many of those #74 led bulbs did you need to get for your HVAC controls? but i just noticed you had different style knobs for those contols?
The LED modules had a flexible film wire strip and came with a small square of 3M tape already on the back. Quick n easy installation.

#74. You need at least 2 of them (2 for HVAC controls + 1 in the stick shift indicator light if applicable)
74 LED Bulb - 3 SMD LED Wide Angle Wedge Base | Miniature Wedge Base LEDs | LED Car Bulbs | Super Bright LEDs

HVAC controls. something like this (measure first to make sure theyre the right size)
3 Air Conditioning A C Knobs Switch for Nissan Livina Tiida Geniss NV200 Versa | eBay

Ah, I can't on the front currently due to the HD lip being rubber... and in the back i still need to cut a nicer hole from where my exhaust began to melt it...
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