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OneGoldfish: 2010 Versa S

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Decided to finally take the car out for a few photos, hadnt done one of the new interior paint! haha Here's my Versa currently, all work done by myself. getting new rims soon! :thumb2: need to give my V a wax too haha

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Looks good. What kind of wheels are those?
Oh cool. I forgot you painted them. I rocked steelies for like 3 months so I hear you. Enkie's are nice. Post pics when you get them.
Looks good. Those are my type of wheels. :thumbsup:
Looks good. Is the roof plastidipped?
Looks good. Do you plan on getting a front lip?
Sounds good. I would dip the lower part of both bumpers to match the skirts. How many coats of dip did you apply?
Ah, I can't on the front currently due to the HD lip being rubber... and in the back i still need to cut a nicer hole from where my exhaust began to melt it...
Dip the lower part of the bumper and leave the hd lip black. Just a suggestion.
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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