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only thing i hate washing the V

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Don't you hate it when you're washing your V and you find out that there is a scratch on the back or the side skirt or the fender and you're like "wtf where did this came from" ill take a pic later i just finished washing my V well not really washing it :p it took me 2 hours to finish because of the old wax residue that is appearing out of no where lol jk its from the corners that waxes likes to sneak in and cannot be buffed out... I'm using a different cleaner that removes the old wax on the car and leave a pretty clean clear coat to apply wax on to... and i hate seeing how much wax filler there is on my clear coat "scratches under the fillers" i want to post the name of the product but its a killer product for what i think because i just dumped my old turtle ice car wash and maguires nxt gen... ill post the name of it and video of how it works if dave would let me because it will a contender for his product :(
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That is the beauty of winter. It's been way too cold to wash the Versa, so she has been dirty and dusty for about 2 months now. At least I won't see any new scratches until the Spring. But I agree with you, I hate finding scratches :( It makes me sad.
When I find a new scratch... it's a DAGGER in my heart!:frown5:
When I find a new scratch... it's a DAGGER in my heart!:frown5:
It feels the same way for me.
Very upsetting to find a scratch ... or rock chip :( *tear*
What saddens me is having a busted windshield :/
Is your windshield busted? Why? What happened to it?
go ahead and post it
okie i got a go from dave :p hihi thanks dave
sorry for the crappy picture its taken by my phone samsung eternity
Notice you will see some white residue that i haven't completely cleaned off ie the fog light cover the door handle
I used Optimum No rinse and optimum spray wax
here is the video of the no rinse
another video with presoak and spray wax
I did the whole car in 2 hours... reason is that I did everything including the inside and trying to get rid of those white residue. I used a total of 2 gallons of water and 2 oz of the solution and wax I dunno, I think its 1/8 of the bottle.
This is after the wash and wax notice some rock chipped paint the white dots :(

closer pic of the chipped paint

i dont know what did this to my bumper I havent backed into some pipe or anything

side skirt with a long scratch i guess i ran over a rubber from those blown tires.

i guess same thing happened
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Isn't it depressing? I feel sad for you! :(

And your picture of the white chips, don't worry my front bumper looks exactly the same. So depressing to think about it !
yeah it is :( now i want to get a whole new bumpers lol hahahaha but i will order a carbon fiber vinyl type from my friend to cover up the sideskirt lol hahahaha...
Lol ... Ya I have a nice rock chip that my tire had stuck in her, and then flung out at the car when I entered the highway :( Other than that her back end is brand new. The only noticeable rock chips are on the bottom front bumper. Her hood is perfect (thanks to her eyebrow as some call it !!! hehe)
eyebrow hahahah... ill invest on one if i get a new hood or repainted :p
Lol ... Ya people say it looks like a huge eyebrow. Don't really care because it has helped her hood, her hood only has one rock chip from day 1 (when she had no hood deflector). But the rest of the hood is brand new :)
don't feel bad I have two dented in doors, a broken front bumper and acorn dents on the roof of my 09 V. :)

I was upset at first but not so much now. I was planning on adding JDM aero parts and making it look good but now I don't care too. This saved me money.
That's the reason why i didn't buy my black tiida.

I already had a black car, they are very beautiful but every detail in the painting is noticeable.
That's the reason why i didn't buy my black tiida.

I already had a black car, they are very beautiful but every detail in the painting is noticeable.
Very true.

Red shows up quite a bit too unfortunately, not as much as black; but I had to have her in red. When she's clean she looks brand new again.
Blue and red look stand out well when you wash, dry, clay, glaze and wax it. All the fine little details.
i had a champagne blazer, you could never even tell it was dirty unless it was REALLY dirty. it hid everything :D
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