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Open door > Lights on

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Any electrical gurus out there?

I want to wire some lights that turn on when I open my my door, like the overhead light.
Anyone know where I need to branch off the power for my lights for this to work?
I'll keep working at it myself, so if I figure it out, I'll let you know.
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I would start right at the door jam plugs. I bet it is a ground switch which would tell me I can go with a hot wire to your new lights and then run your new ground from your lights to the door jam switch.
^^ I thought of that but wouldnt that make the new lights work with just that door you need to find the wires that go to the dome imo
I know with the OEM Accent lighting kit, there is a power wire, and then another 2 wires. One of them connects to the dome light as a switch lead, so it knows to turn it on or off when any door is opened. Lemme see if I can dig out the instructions and give you some wire numbers to tap off of.........
Ok hope these help. On the BCM which is behind the glove box, there are 3 big plugs with wires coming out of them.

Look for the black plug, which is located on the left.

One of the wires are being tapped into the LT. GREEN wire, which is number 57. The wire to the right of it is red, it is also the last one on that row. There is no wire to the left of it.

On that same Black plug, on the same row, there is a BROWN wire to the left, its number is 63. It is by itself, there are no wires left or right of it, that is another wire.

Now the plug that is vertically, look for the DARK BLUE wire, number 11 it will be on the left side of the plug. Above that wire is a sky blue color wire, and below it is a red color wire.

I hope this helps. If im correct, the LT. Green wire is the dome light wire. Im not sure what the DK. Blue and Brown wires are. Im sure with a test light, you could figure it out!

Heres the instructions link, Pages 8-10
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heres the tutorial on how to do it with pictures. i wired 10 green leds into the interior of my car off the dome function, and also have an led on each of the door handles. works great just tapping into the bcm since its already fused at 10amps for the interior lights
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