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Over filling the oil?

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I have a recently purchased 2007 versa sl hatchback that is completely stock.
Today I went to change the oil for the first time with valvoline fuIl synthetic 5w 30w.

I read online that it takes 4 courts of oil and I had the 5.28 fill up jug. I poured in exactly 4 courts , waited, started the car and turned it off, waited some more and checked the levell
The level was at the L on the dipstick. Thinking maybe it needs a bit more I put in maybe half a quart and rechecked. still low. I did this until I finally got to the H but it took the entire 5.28 jug.

I checked and there are no leaks.
My only idea as to the cause is maybe the new oil runs so freely that it's leaking down the dipstick before I can pull it out fast enough, resulting in a lower reading ?

Any ideas?
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It may have the updated oil pan on there if the engine has been replaced. Nissan switched to a larger capacity oil pan after all of the engine failures on the 1.8L.

Also nissan trucks have a larger oil filter that will fit and also increase oil capacity.
How long did you wait with the car sitting before checking the oil? Give it a good half hour for the oil to settle and make sure you're checking it when the car is on a flat surface.

Being all futuristic and metric-like I can only check that you put in 3.9L of oil unless you changed the filter (add another 300ml).

3.9L = 4.1qt

Do not overfill the car, too much oil can be damaging to your engine and components.
Yea I'm not sure about this history of the car (replacement oil pan etc.) the new oil filter is the same (very small( size as the one I took off.

I waited around 10-15 min before checking, and the car was on an ever so slight uphill.
Something worth noting is before changing the oil the level was at or just above the L mark, and I took out exactly 4 quarts.

When I get home today I plan on parking on level ground, waiting 20 minutes, checking the oil by pulling the dipstick out as fast as I can and holding it horizontal to minimize dripping.
If it still reads correctly (exactly at the H mark) do you think I'm good to go, or should I drain 1.2qt to make it exactly 4?
I always fill to the H. I've done this for years. I don't go over the H line though. If it's above the H then crack the drain plug and let it drip out a bit.
I overfill by about a half inch or half a litre. Every fill, every car, every time.
One time I accidentally put 5L in Sentra 1.8, was a bit worried about that.
1000km later i asked mechanic should i be worried? He said if you made it this far, and there are no bubbles in oil, you should be okay, but don't do that again!
Buddy had civic 1.6 from the 80s years ago, garage DOUBLE filled it with oil once. Was a trusted friend at the shop so buddy didn't check his work, but him and Dad both filled it with oil. Ran like a Model T so he caught it right away, but WOW never assume eh!
My half litre over H buys me a little time between top ups, add at about 6-7000km. I change every 10000km. At 219500km now so 500 away.
cars with hydraulic lifters do not like being overfilled by alot. As it was explained to me with too much oil the engines movements inside will create air bubbles. When air gets into lifters they tick really loud. The H line is safe for this. It's when it's above that there could be an issue.
If an engineer designs an engine to take 4 quarts, and you are only recommended to use 4 quarts, why would you give it more? That part confuses me!
i suspect the engine was not engineered [pardon pun] with absolutely zero tolerance on oil fill quantity
Don't overfill the oil.

Too much oil and it will begin to froth/foam and can cause the oil pump to seize and fail because it is sucking up foam and not oil.
I ask a nissan technician at my local dealer and said that adding just a bit (just a bit) wont do any harm since new nissan engines consume a little oil.and in the next oil change you'll pour out the exact amount you're car needs to function versa only needs 3qts and i pour 3 and a half and it still safe........said by a nissan technician.
only 3 quarts? That has to be the least I've ever seen go into an engine. I assume you have an hr16de? My car takes a little over 3 but I always put 3.5 to bring it right up to the H line on the dipstick. Still in the acceptable range.
The amount you have to overfill the oil to have it overheat and froth is quite a lot like to the bottom of the crank high(crankshaft spinning in the oil is what makes it froth btw). .5-1qt extra isn't going to do anything. Usually oil is 2-3" below the crank so .5-1 qt only raises the oil by what .125-.5 inch. More oil keeps the engine cooler and makes the oil last longer why do you think on highway trucks take up to 12 gallons and nissan themselves switched to a bigger pan. Im not saying throw in an extra 2 qts but if you do over fill a little its ok, Not worth pulling the drain plug for.
True story. I knew a woman that did not know anything about cars. She bought a brand new Ford Escort. Drove it for 5 years and 220,000 miles. Engine started running rough. Took it to the shop and the mechanic asked her when she had her last oil change. She said what oil change? She did not know to change the oil. Ford contacted her and wanted to use her car for marketing purposes to show how durable the engine was without an oil change. She was too embarrassed to do it.
^^ Lol!

It's not overfilling unless it's above the upper limit mark on the dipstick. Mitchell says the 1.6 takes 3.15Q or 3.0L of oil, in my experience the manufacturer stated quantity of oil during a drain and fill (with change of filter) will generally get you to the halfway mark, that said usually more than what they state is required even to get up to halfway. For example Chrysler (i worked at a Chrysler dealer recently) says that the new 3.6 takes 5.7L, but after so many times the oil being too low for my liking with 5.7, i've now started putting in 6.0L all the time. Mind you, the off time in which the oil drains back into the pan affects the reading quite a bit. At a shop, generally it's only 5 seconds of run time, then shut off, then check, not enough time to get an accurate reading. It's always best to fill up to the max fill line (as a technician) just to account for any amount of oil the engine will burn, especially important for those people who never check their oil then blame their blown motor on the shop that did the last service, even more important for older engines.
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