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Anyone else get these codes after doing a fuel pressure regulator? I'm thinking it's the fact that the surrounding area was less than clean and some grit got into the connector, because one of the codes is for an out of range (too high) signal voltage, that would indicate either a bad sensor or a bad (or no) connection. Before you give me the obvious, yes i have: not pulled the harness excessively, not screwed around with anything on the sender.

It's winter, and i absolutely hate it. So much crap everywhere in the car, car gets dirty way too quickly (both inside, out, and underneath, EVERYWHERE in fact). I hate working on cars in the winter. It can screw off any god damn time now. Bullshit.

I haven't checked the connector yet, but just posted this up to see if anyone else got it. FYI, the sender sealing O-ring (which is probably Viton) is not a single use gasket, it is easily reusable. The OEM ring is around $40 alone, more than the FPR. Don't replace it, it is not necessary.

Further, i don't know why there even is a fuel temp sensor for these gas cars, but i'm guessing it's for EVAP purge control.
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