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Yup I did this on my own and no noise when I brake. Only noise I get is if I brake hard there's some grinding which is typical. Of course! Whenever you do them don't hesitate to give me a shout :thumb2:. I went to Pacific Mall (Formula Import) but you can also get them at Performance Improvements. I paid $115 CAD each rotor and $75 CAD for the front pads. Total came to $305 CAD cash no tax.
You didnt tell them you knew "Jon Lee" and get the "Jon Lee" discount? P-mall joke for buying parts there lol. I had M-sports before on my civic but they warped and chewed up the pads very early, within 6 months. Hopefully you're a light braker lol. I run Hawk HPS too but with a blank rotor. Good thing my wheels are dark though, cant see dust lol.
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