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Paint pealing. 2012 Sedan

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Has anyone had an issue with paint pealing on a 2012 sedan? I noticed sunday that mine is statrting to peal around my tail lights. Both sides. It looks like they did'nt prep it good from the factory or it was damaged before I bought it. It was sold to me as being new. I assumeed that it was/is. I will add some pics later. :driving:
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back to the dealer you go!! I wouldn't let that fly even if it is the cheapest car in America. And if your dealer tries using that excuse find another dealer and call corporate nissan on them. I've seen dealers try and pull that BS with these cars before.
I called the dealer and they said to bring it by so they could look at it. I am going by there tomorrow after work. I am not taking it to the dealer I bought it from. I don't know if that will make a difference or not. I'll find out tomorrow.
Nope. Your warranty is with nissan. You can bring it to any dealer you want. Some people like to use the dealer they bought the car from because you already started a relationship with them. If I go to the dealer I go to whoever is the least assholes.

The closest dealer to my house is horrible. So if I have to go to a dealer I always drive further.
Lol. I wasn't very happy with the dealer that I bought it from so I take it to one by my work. They do a good job and thay are friendly. You don't get that very often.
Well, I took it by the dealer yesturday. They took some pictures and they are going to call Nissan Monday morning. They said they would let me know something next week. I guess that I should probably keep my fingures crossed.
Let me know what they say, it looks like theres a small chip at the back of my tail light as well.
I have multiple paint chips that are rust colored. Nissan did a crappy job of painting my car in my opinion.
I finally made it to the Nissan paint shop to let them check out my car. They are going to recommend to Nissan that the re-paint both quarter panels. When it gets approved it's going straight back to the paint shop. They said it would only take them about 3 or 4 days to complete it.
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