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Parking brake and the Brake light while driving

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Has anyone else had the problem of the Brake light and beeping noise happening while driving. And before it is suggested that I need to check the brake fluid it is full... But while driving you can move the e-/parking brake around and get it to stop... I think I need to replace the switch but have no idea how to get the center console apart to get to it.

Does anyone have any ideas... thanks
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Hey, there are links around the site that say how to remove the console. You'll need to look it up I'll post if I can find
I a few time have had the brake light on and it beeping. The first time it happend I could figure it out. Then I looked down at the e-brake and noticed it wasn't all the way down. I was still able to drive, but it wasn't down fully so the light stayed on and it was beeping. That is the only time I have had that issue, is when the e-brake isn't completly pressed down.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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