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Parking brake detection switch?

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Ok im trying to install my new radio that i got from a friend and it is a kenwood kvt 911dvd with a pop out monitor on it and i cant seem to locate or even know if my 09 nissan versa SL 1.8L has a parking brake detection switch wire on the car....Please help i am lost at this point. I tried to just bypass it and wire it to ground but it didnt work.
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I've got the Kenwood KVT512 in my Honda. I am assuming most of the newer ones like yours and mine no longer can be fooled by a simple ground. You can either get a switch and manually switch if everytime your in the car to think your parked, or you can get an automatic bypass like I did. I got it off eBay and it was for my specific stereo....I simply wired it up and have never had any problems running DVDs or whatnot while in motion.
ok thanks i will look for it now but do you know if there is a parking brake detection switch on the 09 nissan versa?
Yes - as long a light comes on the dash when your parking brake is on then there is a switch.
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