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Part Out: 07 and 09 SL/S Sedan

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Hey guys so from my mix and match project I have many parts from 2 cars for sale.

Cars were 09 S and an 07 SL both White. I have 4 doors, white, manual with glass and mirrors. 3 doors A grade rear passenger door has a deep scratch.

Trunk Lid

Many random interior plastics

Bluetooth Module and Satallite reciever for stereo

Side curtain and passenger side airbags

ECU, Keyless entry reciever, BCM, and Intelligent key reciever all from the SL

Dash and both interior side wiring harnesses

And many more things that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Trying to clear this out quickly.

The only catch is that I'm in Hawaii, so shipping will be a pain. I would plan to use flat rate boxing as much as possible.


Signal light/wiper/headlight controller

instrument panel - This car had ~ 60k miles -not sure if that is stored in the ecu or panel of these newer cars though
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Does the SL have a-pillars with tweeters? If so, how much?
It did, the pillars are a beige color opposite from the charcoal of the rest of the interior, let me look and be sure I have all. I'd say $40 plus shipping for both pillars and tweets.

Josh if you wish message me... for more info..
Sorry flewbyu, these were both sedans, and niether had fogs, to add to my list is the SL armrest though.
How Much for the Armrest?

How Much for the SL Armrest? black p/leather I assume, like the door arm rests?

Also, random part.. do you have the black piece of exterior trim that goes over the lower driver side windshield. mine seems to have migrated for the winter. looks like the Third picture at this thread:
looking for a driverside headlamp. let me know if you have one 865-599-8812
Does either radio head unit have the aux in port in the front? If so, how much? Thanks

is any of the parts still left from the 2 cars ?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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