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I wanted to start this thread to throw some plans and thoughts for performance builds for the Versa.
I'll start with what I have
DC sports strut bar (didn't put on jacks when I put on :( )
Stillen Axleback

After driving my V I think moving up in tire/rim size would be a great upgrade for performance. I'm still riding on stock Continentals which I hate. I think headers and a full exhaust would be good. It would be I/H/E for my car then. I think a clutch upgrade would be good too.

I'm gonna post some of my favorite sites to look for Versa parts

If anyone has a site that tells any useful information that we may not know on the mr18de would be nice. I hate how NICO doesn't have a section for the MR series?!?!?

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I have something "interesting" in the works, but I'm not telling anything about it until I get some more confirmation I can make it happen. Consider this a teaser...

The list you have is a good start. Keep searching. There are a lot of things out there.
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