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Photoshop was a bad idea...

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Was playing around with photoshop today...



Makes me want it lowered so bad...but I told myself not to buy anything until my CC's are paid off >.<
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wait til the cc are paid off. I'm about 90 % paid off and it feels great! There are so many things I want to buy, but I'm so happy that my good credit let me buy my V and open up more options for the future - a house? someday... You'll be able to lower your V soon... just give it at least 3 pay cycles and think of how much you've paid off and feel good about not having to pay those credit card companies as much money every month...evil (but sometimes necessary) bastards!
I have a Visa but only buy what I know I can pay back. Even getting a staff rate, and discount on the Visa, the interest% rate is crazy. I serve so many customers who are in debt way over their heads, and they can barely afford the minimum payments. I feel sorry for some of them because a lot of them have lost their jobs recently.

If I needed money I would use my Line of Credit as I have an extremely low rate for being staff.

I'm lucky that my car is financed through Nissan at 0.9% so the interest rate is very low... and the best part is ONLY 3 years left of payments and then she is all MINE :D
LOL! Yes 0.9% ... I guess we finally get a good deal on something over here. Considering the fact that cars cost much more here, we should get some sort of deal on the interest rate.

My brother was lucky and got 0.0% financing rate in Sept 09.

At the time of my purchase (Apr08), 0.9% was the cheapest rate from Nissan (most of the other places though such as Hyundai, Chevrolet & Pontiac, were offering 0% ... but I wanted the Versa so I had to pay the 0.9%).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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