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Pick-A-Part list

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Hey everyone, on saturday I'll be going to a part joint and I'll scope some Vs out. List a few stuff that you guys think I should get/look for while I'm there.

Here's my list:

Map light compartment
Sport bumpers
16" Alloys or 15"
The hatch opening mechanism (mine's going weak)
roof racks

This will also be my 1st time at a place like this so I'm a little excited Hyper
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did you check if they have any versas on hand?
:lol: :facepalm: no I'll do that now.
They have a vehicle list but when I try to view it it's all symbols instead of letters
Emailed them. Hopefully they'll get back to me tomorrow. Great thing is they have one in stafford and one in Fredericksburg and i'm in the middle of both so we'll see what they have.

Anyway back to the question.......
If there is any SLs I'd look for factory wing and A-pillars(integrated tweeters).
Good luck man. I highly doubt theyll have many versas if any out there. Dont like to be the bearer of bad news but they're still pretty new cars to be in junkyards i feel like.
Next week I'm gonna check 2 other pick and pulls for more parts for frankencar :)

If you find a Versa, let us know!
Can't do any harm but cost me a $1 entrance fee. We'll see tomorrow

And integrated tweets? Didn't know those even came in versus. good to know!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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