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pick up the versa in approx 10 hours

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well as the title says im getting a versa this afternoon. i was involved in a head on collision about 2 weeks ago and my other car was totaled so i needed another form of transpo. didnt even really know about ther versa before last night...wandered on to a a honda dealer ship sales guy showed me a 2009 versa with 50k miles and priced right couldnt pass it up. so with me being so new to versas naturaly i gotta find a group of likeminded people( thats where you guys come in) to help me make it my own.
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Welcome! Post up pics when you pick it up. And let us know how you like it :)

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Welcome, glad accident wasn't life threatening. Most head on collisions are. Hope you find all the answers you might have on here.
will diff throw some pics up. already got a few ideas for makeing it my own.
wanna tint the front(not sure if legal) and rear lights. add some LED lighting to interior(driver and passenger footwells ive done it before but if anyone has do
ne it to the versa and gimme any pointers lemme know) and go from there(everything elese is gonna cost more than i currently have and will take a few monthd of saveing. lol)
Tint on the windows? That is a good choice for the first mod.

Interior lighting ... my brother installed pink led's under my driver and passenger footwell. He hooked it up to the 'mirror' fuse. Otherwise if it was a switch, I would forget to turn it off (I did in my previous car and it drained my battery, lol). This way it comes on every time I drive the car and shuts off when the car turns off :)
forgot to mention its already tinted or it woulda been going from the dealership to the tinter lol
Welcome to the forum. I had a 98 Sentra i bought really cheap for a cheap mode of transportation until it died. I put too much money into it already so i decided to get another used car. I searched for decent used cars but nobody had the price on the window, just how much they wanted bi-weekly etc. with a 30 day warranty. So i decided if i'm going to have a car payment with only 30 day warranty i might as well get an affordable new car with a good warranty and never been owned or (abused:beatdeadhorse5:). Looked at a few until i seen a 2011 versa with 2k off the sticker price from Nissan. To be honest i never even looked at or noticed a Versa before. Then i said to myself i'm just going to drive it and not do any modifications to it. LOL! Yea right! My friends tell me the car is like night and day from the day i picked it up. I must say for the price you can't go wrong and it's a better car than what people give it credit for. Never regretted buying it.
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Glad you are still with us after the header. Welcome!
shes home:woot:. added pics in my profile dont know how to add them in the post
Create an account with photobucket, upload the pics to your account, copy IMG code, paste it in reply box.
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