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Pics From Meet

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Today was our frist charlotte meet we got 4 maybe next time 5 or better :thumbsup:


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Some more pics...

everyone else if u have better pics that u took post them :6:


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As soon as mine uploads on photo bucket, I will be posting. Theres about 14, and they are clear shots. Just waiting. Had fun today guys, must do again!!! ;)
NC 10/3/10 1st meet pictures

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Just got home from eatin awigatah mmmmmm lol I had fun today, would like to do it again ;)

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yep definitely a must do again.
had a good time fellas we gota figure something out when i aint so broke lol i say a pool hall or maybe like a scenic cruise?
had a good time fellas we gota figure something out when i aint so broke lol i say a pool hall or maybe like a scenic cruise?
yea man i know what u mean i'm kinda same way can;t spend much till after that trip i know there a place on central that free pool on fridays it would be nice if all can go up for import alliance in nashville oct or a mountain run or something just can;t count me in till after i return sorry i kinda need to lay low.
Yeah I hear ya bro mountains is what i was thinking anyways you said you leaving in what november?
yea leave in novemeber if yall have something planned just list a date and i'll see if i can make it, its easier for me to make anything on weekends since i don't work saturday and sunday
i guess we gota get the others to see im off every sunday now so
yea well everyone say sup i can;t do anything this weekend more than likely i will be taking versa on frist road trip going to nyc that should stack up some milage on her lol
Im off sundays and mondays. and this sunday would not be good for me either.
i work the next 2 sundays (pretty much every saturday) and going to try to go to the Renaissance Festival sunday after that, or whenever Daniels not working on a sunday again. But HE might be willing to do something one of those sundays I work, idk. Personally, as much as i love the mountains and havent been in years, i really need upgraded suspension stuff, a rear sway bar at the least before im really ready to take it up 70k my stock suspension isnt feelin too great..
supposedly import alliance is the 17th of oct in nashville and more than likely we will have to ride the tail of the dragon :-D
Import alliance might be cool, depends on if I could get off...looking at my schedule apparently I'm not off on a Sunday again till November 14! :(
dude im gona see if i can get my boss to give me a few more days off cuz it falls in my vacation but if i drive to nashville i dont wana have to drive back the same day lol
and on the whole being busy on the weekends thing i got ya i know how that is im just trying to get it planned out so we arent sitting around going so what do you wana do... lol and as it is amanda all my suspension is stock except the swaybar and should have no problem in the twistys my car has mad understeer right now tho im looking at these wheels im trying to figure out if the offset is as low as it looks on my car..
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