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Pioneer, Infinity, JBL question

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I currently have 4 2-way full range Infinity Reference speakers. I got a good deal on a pair of SL pillars with the speaker holes, and tweeters with mounting hardware. So I want to move on and get components for the front. Keep my infinity's in the rear. My Infinity's are 93 sensitivity, 2-way, 4ohms, 60RMS, but amp does 50RMS.

Option 1 I'm thinking about getting the Pioneer TS-A1604C 2-way component speakers. They are 90 sensitivity, 4ohms and 50RMS.

Option 2 is to go with JBL components in front 92 sensitivity, 2ohms, 70RMS, amp does 75RMS, and 3way JBL's in rear with 92 sensitivity, 2ohms, and 70RMS, amp does 75RMS.

My question is if I go with option 1 will there be a huge sound difference between the 2 speaker brands and specs, or would it be better to go with all JBL's matching for $100 more? I'm confused on what to do.
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I put Alpine Type-R SPR-17S component speakers up front. 87db sensitivity and 110W Max RMS.
A little more $$ than what you are considering though.
Thanks for your input, but I wanna stay in the 50-60RMS range. My Boston amp only does 50RMS.
thats good man. but are you looking for more bass or more audio cause if so take a look at polkaudio there strictly for audio. i mean they have a lil bass but not like a average speaker.
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