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PIR LED trunk light for the 1.6

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Us 1.6 owners miss out on a few things. A trunk light is one of those things. I could not take this anymore so I was determined to find a solution. Well I did and it works out better then I had hoped.
The product is a PIR led motion light. It has a motion sensor that turns on when I open the trunk and shuts off after 20 seconds of no motion. I'm assuming with the trunk closes it's so dark in there that the light probably never turns on if you have something rolling around. Best part of this is it comes with a magnetic detatchable base. There is a spot on the underside of the trunk lid that seems made for this light. So now I have a LED trunk light and if I need an emergency flash light I just remove it from the trunk and carry it with me.

Also I got this thing to my door within 2 days and it only cost me $6.

I will add installed pics in a little bit :)
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Costco has a pack of 3 for like under $20 bux
My batteries died on this finally. I haven't bought any new ones but it just reminded me of how bad I needed this. No trunk light is horrible.
I never knew that you did not get a trunk light.
But that one in the pic is neat! I like the LED look.
I want to get LED bulbs for all my interior lights.
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