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Plastic trim piece near windshield not staying down.

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I tried the 3m tape and that stupid plastic piece near the driverside windshield pops back up when the hood is opened. The car was involved in a wreck when my dad had it so the driver side trim piece doesn't fit correctly to the curve of the fender. I don't know what to do! I allready lost the original one somehow. And this one was over 20 dollars. Can I just get rid of those trim pieces all together and use something else to cover that gap?
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Sounds like the hood may not be 100% re-aligned either. You can loosen and adjust the bolts that hold the hood to the its arms. Check gaps between hood and fenders etc
I know the bodyshop who repaired my car has looked over my car now twice. I have to be careful placing the piece back in as I don't want the fender to stick out again.
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