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NTD Throttle Controller

can anybody tell me what the function of this is?
I found this on another forum, hope it answers any questions you have.

"guys i think you have something slightly skewed. a TC will NOT increase power.
It simply makes your computer oblivious to the signals your pedal sensor is sending out,and inplace, listens to the signals your throttle control is sending. To make things easier, the throttle control either multiplies or divids any signal your pedal is sending by half - and that depends on the map.

If you put your TC in eco, and hit the gas pedal to the floor: your pedal will be sending out 100% throttle response. the ECO map in your new TC, basically is designed to take the 100% that your pedal is sensing from your foot, and cut it in half (lets just use numbers and factions as estimates) since idk the exact measurement to truly speak.
This way your engines responds only to as if you would have pressed your car to 50% throttle, so your technically not flooring the car, and making it burn more gas. YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF WITHOUT THE NEED OF A THROTTLE CONTROLER, BY SIMPLY NOT FLOORING YOUR CAR. AND USING ONLY 0%-50% PEDAL TRAVEL IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THE "ECO MODE" MAP THAT YOU DESIRE.

Now lets say you put it on the most powerful SP mode/map: and you touch the gas pedal at say maybe only 10%. your pedal will be sending out the 10%, but it will be blocked by this throttle controller that will be INSTEAD sending 80% signal to your engine. SO YOUR CAR REACTS TO THE 80% THAT ITS BEING TOLD THE DRIVER IS PRESSING THE PEDAL DOWN TOO(even tho your you didnt press the 80%, the TC lied to your engine). so you think to yourself "WOW! a tiny bit of gas, and look how much power my car now has!". But in fact you could have achieved this same amount of power, simply by slamming your foot on the gas pedal to the floor.

This throttle controller is nothing more than a trick to your car. its sending out wrong, signals in order to manipulate the engines response. so your not getting any more power, than you already had. you didnt 'unlock' any hidden potential in the car. this is a common practice for bike racers to shorten the cable by which the throttle works on. the result is a shorter twist rate of your wrist, to get to the WIDE OPEN THROTTLE stage faster. the first time, riders get back on their race bikes, they are kinda tricked, that the usual throttle twist, now equals MORE ENGINE RESPONSE. but its not power. its just a new, faster response. (bikes still use cables, while cars now use electron "drive by wire" systemes. but the result is the same.)

you can give yourself the same results for free, as this throttle control gives you by doing this:
eco mode: gently press the pedal down no more than 35% of its total travel distance.
normal mode: from 0% pedal travel - quickly press the gas pedal down to 75%
sport mode: from 0% pedal travel - quickly press the gas pedal down to 100%"
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