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Plug change in 1.6

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I have a 2009 NV 1.6 base. It has 78k on it and it calls for a plug change at 90k I decided to get the parts ready to go and found that the plug is a denso
fxe20hr11 with .044 gap. I got them for 10.59 from It also calls for a special tool but there are videos on it where a 14mm wrench and a rubber hose or magnet can remove the plug without the tool. Any more suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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I thought it was 105k? I need to check my manual again. I heard the regular deep sockets are too fat but there are some thin walled ones that have worked. You will need something in it to pull the plug up and out. Otherwise it will fall back in the hole. I have had luck in other cars tipping the socket at an angle but I'm assuming there isn't enough room in the V to do this.

I'm at 118k now and haven't changed them yet. It's a bigger project on this car then any other car I have owned and the people who I know that swapped them out at the scheduled interval said they weren't miss firing and the plugs still looked great. So I'm stretching it even further.
You just need a spark plug socket.

It is like a standard socket but has rubber on the inside which grabs the spark plug after unscrewing them so they wont fall.

Don't for to put anti-seize on the plug threads before installing.
A short piece of rubber hose that slips snugly over the porcelain on the plug can be used the remove the old plug and start the new one.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 40600 miles
you can use the rubber hose trick or just stick the end of the spark plug boot back on it just a little bit to pull it out
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