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Pod Filter or not

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G'day guys, I'm still a noob with this website so forgive me please if this has been settled before somewhere else lol, so anyway I'm wanting to start doing some engine and intake mods on my Tiida and I've been told that trying to do it is a bit of a problem cause of where they have placed the filter box and air-flow meter so obvious question would what would be best Pod Filter or a Cold Air Intake and how do I get around the air-flow meter problem?
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I installed my Fujita CAI with no problem at all. Only thing I notices is that the MAF is a little stretch out cause of the location of the slot on the CAI. Other than that it was no problem. Taking out the stock air box was a bit of a hazard but you just got to be patient.
Im about to get an m&k stock filter replacement im still looking for a fujita cia with no luck lol just sayin
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