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Should we add local sub forums?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • No the Meet greet forum is good.

    Votes: 10 58.8%

POLL Location Forums

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Should we add seperate form for different section of the country, or leave anything regional in the meet greet section?
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Its a good idea, i have it on my forum.
before i vote, how would it be laid out? a section for out of the USA and in the USA? maybe it should just stay the same until more people start coming and using this forum
you knoq what im not sure, probably nw,sw,nw,s,se,ne and other countries listed or something.

i personally think we are good how we are, but just want to get user input
I like it how it is. I find that forums that regionalise make outsiders feel 'outside' imo

I like it how it is. I find that forums that regionalise make outsiders feel 'outside' imo


I agree and voted against.
So far it's a tie. I think we should go ahead and do the regional forums. We will hit over 200 members before the end of the year.
no once we get bigger then ill vote yes till then theres only a few per states or country
looks like the NO's have it again lol, im sure he was sitting there waiting for it to go tied to post that.
i think there are more active users from cali then from anywhere else, but the votes have it for now.... whatever is best for the forums.... thats what im about!
was thinking more about this once we get say 150 active members we will add in locations for meets, to discuss upcoming events only.
that's what I mean though, do you want to isolate users? Not a smart idea unless the forum is like over a thousand strong imo
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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