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poor gas mileage?

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so i've noticed more and more lately that my v seems to eat up a lot of gas, and quickly. probably happened around the time i had some issues with my o2 sensor. but its causing me some concern now.

was wondering what i could do myself before having to take my v in for some diagnostics or even some routine maintenance

any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated :)

I've also included a little picture of a v gas gauge and will explain an example of my concern. My gas runs low (bottom red line) and I fill up (to about the top red line) and drive for lets say around 100km (62miles) and my gas dips down to the half way mark which to me is pretty darn quick. Unless im looking at this wrong. If anyone can quell my concerns that would be great ;)


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yah i'll give that a try. i've also read up that a dirty air filter can cause poor gas mileage as well. any thoughts?
my v has just over 53,000k on it
and i've not changed my air filter so i should def do that lol.. my bad
this is my first car, so im not all up on what to do maintenance wise :p

and my driving habits have been the same since i started driving, so i dont think its my habits lol :p
well im gonna change the in cabin air filter as soon as possible, probably when winter goes away lol.. any recommendations for where i can get in cabin air filters??

and i dont really let my car sit and warm up before i start going. I just get in and go, i wait a bit then turn on the heat. so i dont think its that i let it warm up too much.

and well it was even before winter i noticed this. i've also noticed if lets say i fill up to my usual as i said on my first post it drops to half tank quickly, but then lets say 2days of driving to and from work the gauge doesn't move but then lets say the 3rd day of going to work i start to see the gauge move again. Its almost as if theres a problem with the gauge maybe? I find that strange.

Should I take my V into a mechanic? cause gas is killing me lately.
well with the winter i have the heat on, but i try not to have it on long, or even up too high cause of the mileage ive been getting lately. and i drive AT and change the oil every 5k and the and i have a cold air intake, and i have not changed the in cabin air filter yet
btw just to note I do have a cold air intake.. just a note from an earlier post

so the last while i've filled up the tank full and driven it down to almost empty (did not drive it till the gas light comes on, im just paranoid i'd stall somewhere lol)

i've driven 400-460kms or 248-285 miles for a full tank of gas
im thinking thats pretty damn good, and maybe this whole thread was started cause im just super paranoid my car is messed up lol..

any thoughts on the mileage i got from those two tanks of gas?
i wish i would get 500 + kms per tank

i will test that when the weather gets warmer
Hi to all, Two thoughts while reading the symptoms, Did you have an oil change before the mileage dropped? Possibly wrong oil was used, I think you said dlr does changes. A/C use, at some point, the A/C comes on with the defrost, or in my S when I switch from defrost to heat. (I'm new, 850 miles on it) The A/c may be staying on, although the light should be lit in the button.

I've noticed that the odor or fumes coming out of the tail pipe don't smell anything like fumes from other seasons. Fuel not supposed to be any more than 10% alcohol. Does your fuel have more, or higher limits of alcohol? I'm not up on Canadian gas.
Don't really remember when the drop in mileage started, it happened a while back and didnt really think much of it, thought maybe i was driving differently or that it was normal, but after a long period of it then i thought something was wrong.

and im still getting good mileage out of my v right now, maybe something else is up and could be causing problems.

and btw i just changed my oil to synthetic from the regular oil that is provided at shops

and i dont think there are any unusual odors coming from my tail pipe, but if there was what could that be?
Bought my first Nissan on 11-11-11, a 2012 Versa with a promise of great gas mileage.
The problem is that brand new with just over 1,000 miles and will on get 33.3.
That's a long way from the 40 plus it was suppose to get.

What should I do?

Are other people having the same problem?

Should I take the matter to small claims court?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

i think thats a little much to take it to court, i highly doubt every vehicle on the market will get spot on MPG. Nothing in this world is ever advertised 100% so i'd be happy your getting 33.3MPG
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