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poor gas mileage?

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so i've noticed more and more lately that my v seems to eat up a lot of gas, and quickly. probably happened around the time i had some issues with my o2 sensor. but its causing me some concern now.

was wondering what i could do myself before having to take my v in for some diagnostics or even some routine maintenance

any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated :)

I've also included a little picture of a v gas gauge and will explain an example of my concern. My gas runs low (bottom red line) and I fill up (to about the top red line) and drive for lets say around 100km (62miles) and my gas dips down to the half way mark which to me is pretty darn quick. Unless im looking at this wrong. If anyone can quell my concerns that would be great ;)


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And besides it sez on the window sticker in the epa ratings actual mileage may very based on driving habits, so thats out in case the car doesn't get the best mpgs mine only gets like 25mpg city (09 sedan 1.8)
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