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I have to ask, did it sound like crap before swapping the head unit out? You said you immediately swapped the HU but I would have to guess you didn't do it in the driveway or lot where you bought the car.
I have just done speakers and a headunit in our 2008 S hatchback. In the last week, the car has seen 4 different HUs for various reasons. Some of which could apply to you for the HU.
  • Factory unit was AM/FM with a busted when we bought it used CD player. The bluetooth FM was driving me nuts
  • Used Pioneer DPX303MBT (bought of FB marketplace). Sounded great, but had the HR error 89 which meant no BT connectivity
  • Cheap Dual HU I had sitting on the shelf (walmart special, sells for ~$40). Alternator whine and just couldn't get to sound right with EQs
  • Cheap Boss Elite 480brgb was what I settled on. Kind of ugly but works. BT works and sounds decent

For OEM speakers, the ones out of our 2008 S where shot (keep in mind 14 years old speakers). Was actually surprised with their quality. The surround was foam (like decent aftermarkets), metal basket and the magnet was of ok size. They are actually better then the Pioneer 1665 6.5" I owned for ~5 minutes (absolute garbage).
For speakers, I settled with the JBL Club 6520. They are the higher side of budget speakers and once broken in... sound as better than the factory setup in our Honda Pilot Touring (Bose 5.1 or 7.1).

Keep in mind when doing speakers, they need to break in, should be sealed to the door, and while the doors are apart, add some insulation (trust me on this, 20 extra minutes work every second).
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