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Possible Versa Meet?

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Ive been hanging around alot of people lately that are well prettty big into the whole saturday night crusing ordeal and its fun and all.
But ive been thinking more and more that it would be awesome to have like afull versa meet
i mean wouldnt that be awesome like 10 versa's all in a line driving around town?

We should all figuer out where the closest people are
and arrange to have a big meet!~
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Stillhere153 NY, NY
im indiana
this is going to be awesome come on people !
I'm from Central CT -06450

Stillhere153 we might be having an infiniti g20 meet at mohegan sun. I will be there with the versa if you want to come. It will be on Feb 20th.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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