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Previous Rides

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What did you drive before you bought the Versa? Post pictures of your previous rides!

Mine was a '98 Civic coupe...
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'87 chrysler lebaron Turbo II when I finished with it. Unfortunately it got tboned and written off.. These were when I first got it.

'91 dodge caravan. Planned a swap to a 2.2L Turbo engine like my lebaron but to much fab to swap it to a manual tans.

aaand last but not least my 1990 dodge ram 50. Its done me quite well over the years.
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i had an 87' Z31 N/A.... i gave it to my brother when i got the versa, and 2 days later my neighbor told me that he had the turbo motor for it.... my brother sold it which really pissed me off, cuz i should have never gotten rid of it.... oh well shoulda coulda woulda....
i dont have any pics of it on this new pc.
but i have a mud toy a
1997 jeep cherokee sport 2 door 5spd V8
lifted 2 in suspension and 2 in body lift on 33inch tires.
leave it to barra to drive the coolest car lol sclayton i have a pic of my old blazer that would make you smile. how do i post pics that arent thumbnails?
pshhhh my jeep could crush his wanna be truck!
can someone tell me what kind of truck that is?
Here in Brazil he have a lot of this mini trucks.

This is a Fiat Strada Adventure.

We have also the VW Saveiro, Chevrolet Montana and Ford Courier.

My 1º car was a Vw Saveiro 1.8 1994 and i put a turbocharger, very nice ride.

My 2º car was a Corsa GSI 1995, 1.6 16v.

My 3º car was a VW Gol 1999 1.0.

My 4º car was a VW Saveiro 1.6 1998.

My 5º car was a VW Parati 1.0 16v turbo (turbo was original from factory).

My 6º car was a Chevrolet Astra 2.0.

My 7º car was a VW Polo 1.6.

My 8º car was a Fiat Strada 1.8.

And now i have my Nissan Tiida 1.8, and i'm very happy with this car. It's my first automatic car, i always wanto to have an auto.

In Brazil the majority of the cars are manual transmission but we are changing this scenario since the Honda Civic arrived here with the automatic transmission.

A lot of people are buying automatic cars.
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My list of cars I've owed are: mileage when sold:
1987 chevy camaro 176000
1997 chevy Camaro police car 197000
1983 Renault 18i Sportswagon 89000
1989 Renault Medallion 100000

my current car is an
08 Nissan Versa sl hatchback

1972 datsun 510. bought for $600 as a project, didnt have enough time, money or patience. later sold for $900 to a kid 8 hours away.


1993 toyota 4runner v6. k&n intake, custom flowmaster cat-back, 2.5" leveling/1" lift rear kit, 31/10.50-15 tires on fake bead lock steelies. i wish i still had it :(

(google pic, but same exact color)

2003 ford zx2. i HATE ford and dont really know why i got it... was an ok car for 8 months, then motor started to go. traded for the V.

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Man, its so weird how the type of cars you drove in the past and the current car reflects on your personality.

1999 nissan sentra xe

this is the only picture I have left of my first car, and only other car besides the V.

..that was such a sad day lol I miss that car sooo much

google image, clearly mine was black but you get the idea
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Some more pics of my 98 civic before I got rid of it...

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For barra That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like that. We dont have that here in the U.S. What is that??
2002 Toyota Echo 1.5L 4cly. (Parents name) But I drove it, and gave them monthly payments for it. I totaled it in 2007. They bought 07 Versa.
First car in my name only. 2000 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 4cly, that I traded that in for the 2009 Nissan Versa S!!


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here's my laundry list of previous rides

1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe

1996 Honda Civic DX Coupe

2005 Nissan 350Z

2007 Acura TL Type S

1997 Acura Integra LS Coupe

2000 Acura Integra GSR Sedan (unfinished project sold in pieces)
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