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Problems getting into 1st

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Ok so I have a 2007 Versa S 6 Spd Manual with 70000 KM. I just got it used less than 1000 KM ago so I do not really know much about its service history except that it still has the power train waranty from Nissan so I asume proper maintenance.

Anyway I had this same problem with my last car so maybe I do not know how to drive (possible I guess?) but sometimes when slowing down and coming to a stop with my foot fully on the clutch I will have trouble getting into first, my solution has always been to go into second and then back up to first and it works great 99% of the time. On my old car I chalked this up to 350000KM of love but now I figure it must be me, maybe I don't know how to drive? Did I miss something about driving standard (I have only been driving for about 4 years so it could be, no one really taught me I learned it all from the internet).

My guess is it has something to do with the syncros :(

Above that I'm thinking of changing my transmission fluid, I know the manual calls to do it at 50,000KM for the "prefered" level of maintenance or whatever it is called, and I don't know if it has been done or not.

I've been trying to find a suggestion for transmission fluid for the versa, I've seen people say Redline MTL or Redline MT-85, I believe the FSM calls for GL-4 75w80 and and MT-85 is 75w85 so I'm not sure what I should do.

My apologies if this belongs in the Engine forum, I didnt see one for transmissions
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About 1st gear...that's not good for the tranny but it's normal, you're supposed to wait til the car comes to a complete stop before going to 1st, unless you're downshifting, which doesn't apply to 1st gear. Hope this helps.
Alright thanks, I guess that makes sense, I figured people went into first before they fully stopped because people get inpatient at stop signs and I like to actually make full stops to avoid stupid tickets. Oh well I guess people will need to learn to wait the extra fraction of a second to save my transmission and save me from my ticket paranoia :p
About 1st gear...that's not good for the tranny but it's normal, you're supposed to wait til the car comes to a complete stop before going to 1st, unless you're downshifting, which doesn't apply to 1st gear. Hope this helps.
+1 If you double-clutch before down shifting, then you are doing the work the synchromesh is meant to do. ie. match the engine speed to the speed of the car for that gear. I assume tractor-trailers have no synchros since there is little difference between engine revs between so many closely spaced gears...and the revs are also so low too.
So when entering 1st gear at 30km/h or 2nd gear at 80km/h, first put the tranny in neutral, let the clutch pedal out, give 'er some gas to match the revs[responds better after throttle controller installed], put the clutch pedal back in, throw it in the proper gear, dump the clutch with some more gas...that's double-clutching! Gonna teach my kids this year:D
That's also why even at a stand still, it goes into 1st easier if you come from 2nd. The synchros are already moving from the 2nd gear entry. That's handy to know if your synchros are dyin and you want to get another year or two out of them
sometimes I have to put it on 2nd gear and theeeen I can put it on 1st right after a quick stop.....

and that's because the synchros are still moving? so is that good or bad?
Hmm thanks the the explanation it makes a lot of sense to me actually looks like I have been doing it wrong :p

And I also have the same issue as BluV3R18, does this have to do with the same thing?
I get this in mine too, especially in the cold. I just double clutch and all is well!
You don't ever have to go into first unless you're driving properly lol or making a full stop. I usually just go down to 2nd when making a stop or put it on nutral and then try putting it into 1st gear that seems to work for me.
I never use 1st unless I'm starting from a full and complete stop, if it's still rolling I go into 2nd. At stop signs most here in Florida are flat so no hills again I'll slow into 2nd then roll through very slowly. In more urban area's I'll stop fully go to 1st then move off. I honestly couldn't care less if other drivers get impatient I refuse to be rushed by those in a hurry driving over sized golf carts lol.. No offense automatic drivers. After all if they rear end you they get the bill.. unless they don't have insurance! Make sure you buy uninsured motorist lol!
Well, I have never had this problem but then again I learned to drive stick in an old VW bettle. The synchromesh system was wonky and was difficult to re-engage the first gear from fourth, so I had to engage all the gears from fourth to back to first everytime I was on the road and came to a sudden stop. I got used to this style of shifting and I have shifted every other manual car I have ever know the same way. I have never had the problem you describe.
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